Fueling the DC Economy + 💯 Customer Experience with Matthew Carlin | A Dose of Your Future Ep. 22


Matthew Carlin, President of Metropolitan Hospitality Group, joined us for a discussion around how he had a vision 12 years ago to fuel the DC economy with a neighborhood restaurant that consistently delivers high quality food and customer experience.

At each of MHG's concepts, we strongly believe in sourcing the freshest ingredients, building seasonal dishes, mixing delicious craft cocktails, and providing great hospitality to our guests.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Workforce for Parents with Tina Fox | A Dose of Your Future Episode 20


22 year retired corporate America executive and now entrepreneur, Tina Fox, joined us for a conversation about the future of the workforce for working parents and how to balance a family while pursuing a successful career.

Tina Fox is the Founder of Fox Paradigm and Co-Owner of Cobalt Settlements. She is also the mom of three amazing boys. Her and husband, Jeff, found a way to do it all - raise a family and both pursue successful careers.

Tina also leads the DC Chapter for Women on Course - the fastest growing national community for business professionals and lifestyle enthusiasts interested in connecting through the game of golf and all it has to offer. 

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