Empowering Small Businesses - One Terp at a Time with Paul Bardack | A Dose of Your Future Ep. 35


Paul Bardack, Managing Director, Maryland Small Business Development Center, joined us for a discussion on how his organization is helping empower small businesses in the DMV area. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner in Maryland, the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers free individualized consulting, from start up to established businesses.

Creating a Better Future + Venture Capital with Kristine Harjes | A Dose of Your Future Ep. 32


Kristine Harjes, Investment Officer at Motley Fool Ventures, joined us for a discussion around how her company is helping create a better future through investing in early stage companies who are disrupting the technology industry.

What distinguishes Motley Fool Ventures from other VC's is their community approach to venture capital. Motley Fool Ventures has the collective wisdom of over 800 business people, entrepreneurs and advisors, ALL with a transparent and vested interest in the Motley Fool’s philosophy and approach.

Building the Future + Words of Wisdom with Aaron Davis | A Dose of Your Future Ep. 31


A man with amazing energy - Aaron Davis, Head of Community at Alpha, joined us for a conversation on how his company is shaping the future by providing companies with on-demand insights about its customers. Aaron has a passion and purpose to build communities and empower the next generation of our workforce.

Check out their podcast: https://www.thisisproductmanagement.com/

Check out Alpha HQ and their story: https://alphahq.com/