About The Influencer Collective

The Influencer Collective is a strategy development and consulting firm with a focus on the management, execution, and harvesting of an organization’s digital assets. Today’s enterprise and stakeholder value depends on the development and implementation of effective digital marketing and channel strategies, branding and thought leadership and understanding the dynamics of hundreds of fast moving social media ecosystems.

Our team has helped companies, organizations and emerging entrepreneurs in the technology, consumer, government contractors, non-profit, energy and environmental/social impact industries. Our clients have included Sonatype, Option3Ventures, Modev, VOICE Summit, Citi Open, Mason Dixie Biscuit Co., and The Impact Investment Forum.

Our differentiation is our research skills, our close monitoring of relevant consumer brands, our thought leadership and weekly podcasts and most importantly, we focus on execution of strategy not just white boarding and brainstorming.

Digital assets drive enterprise value. Let us assist you to stay competitive, relevant, and a step ahead of the marketplace.

Meet The Founder

Jenn Sherman, Founder and Chief Strategist

Jenn Sherman Website_About.jpg

By pursuing her passions through her creativity and a digital-first mindset, Jenn Sherman founded the The Influencer Collective - an agency that specializes in building the influence of thought leaders, executives, and small to mid-sized organizations through next generation digital marketing. Jenn’s bread and butter lies within the business-to-business, business-to-consumer, technology and non-for-profit space. She has led integrated marketing and digital media programs to help companies increase their overall bottom line.

The Influencer Collective was established in 2017 to pursue Jenn’s mission to educate businesses on how to embrace digital transformation and leverage social media to break through the noise and maximize their visibility online.

Jenn is the host of “A Dose of Your Future” - a podcast focused on creating a community of influencers who have a social impact driven mission to help fuel the global economy and to empower the next generation of our workforce.

...Thanks to Jennifer’s perseverance and commitment to execution, we were able to grow our influence across the community by well over 500% while also developing significant top of funnel pipeline contributions. She not only led the social programs, but easily worked across functional areas to keep our programs moving and well synchronized. The experience that truly stands out to me is how determined and relentless she was in helping us to grow our business and the community — where she easily matched the commitment our own employees had to the success of our company.
— Derek Weeks, Vice President at Sonatype